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Knowing the importance of not only achieving good credit, but also maintaining good credit, I knew I had to go beyond the score. Without proper budget, debt, and insurance planning, your credit score would always hang in the balance. With that thought process, I decided to make credit repair FREE, while focusing on a complete TOTAL financial review for one flat fee!

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Briana P. Echols

Founder and CEO

Take Control Credit

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Quamir Brown

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We will review 3 months of personal and business statements to identify spending habits and trends. You will receive a budget analysis that details the findings and provides recommendations on moving forward. You will also receive 3 checkpoint appointments to ensure your budget stays in tact.

Debt analysis


We will review your current loans, credit cards, and student loans to determine the best path forward for paying down and/or consolidating or settling debt. We can also make the appropriate recommendations for debt settling, debt consolidation, and/or student loan rehibilitation.

insurance analysis


We will review your current insurnace policies to ensure that you have the best rates and adequate coverage. If uninsured or under-insured, we will the recommend the appropriate policies that will get you properly insured, based on your needs and budget.

Free Credit Repair!

Get a comprehensive financial make over while getting your credit repaired for NO additional cost. Sit back and see how much your credit can change in 6 month while you work other areas of your finances. We will work to remove inaccurate and unverified negative information, along with providing tips and recommendations for building good credit. No need to worry about a long drawn out process of repairing credit, while your monthly payments continue to rack up! Get your credit repaired for FREE!

Our Pricing

Turn your financial life around without breaking the bank! Also pick a payment option that best suites your situation. Enjoy a complete financial reset for only a one time payment of $999! If you're not able to pay $999 at once, take advantage of one of the payment options below:

Pay only $500 down and then make 6 monthly payments of $100.

Pay only $250 down and then make 9 monthly paymemts of $125.

Just interested in credit repair???

Not ready for a full financial plan? That's ok!!! Start our credit repair program for only $99 to start! Then only $99 per month. You're free to cancel anytime!

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